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Hello and welcome to my web-page ! I am a physicist here at Oxford University in England.


I have both taught and done research at Oxford University. I list both these activities in the professional section of my page. I have listed work done in the past, as well as ongoing activities and future plans.


My colleagues and I participate in the Collider Detector Facility (CDF) experiment located at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) . Here is the associated Oxford Web-page: Oxford University group at CDF page, this means that some times we end up spending extended periods of time in the USA.
Here is a talk given by me on behalf of the CDF Collaboration at the Durham Conference on CP Violation at Hadron Colliders, September 2000: PDF format. if you prefer postscript: PS format.
Proposed Zuethen talk: PPT (PowerPoint) format.
Proposed Fermilab talk (0 to Z0) : PPT (PowerPoint) format.
Recently I helped to measure the alignment of magnets in the Tevatron tunnel here is one picture: Me in the Tevatron Tunnel 1
More on the Tevatron tunnel, I am taking a measurement (of course!): Me in the Tevatron Tunnel 2
A view of the Tevatron Tunnel (thanks for all these pictures to Sourabh Dube): The Tevatron Tunnel.


I usually teach "Advanced Quantum Mechanics" during Michaelmas term here at Oxford, it is intended to get students familiar with calculating tree-level scattering processes in Quantum Electrodynamics. Here are links to my lecture notes in pdf.

1) A review of special relativity, co-variant and contra-vectors, tensors and kinematics. PDF format.
2) Lorentz invariants, vectors and tensors in the physical world. PDF format.
3) Maxwells equations in covariant form. PDF format.
4) Developing a relativistic wave equation. PDF format.
5) The Dirac equation and proof of its covariance. PDF format.
6) Dirac equation, proof of covariance (continued). PDF format.
7) Boosting spinors and Solutions to the Dirac Equation. PDF format.
8) More on Solutions to the Dirac q Equation, interaction with an external Electro-Magnetic field. PDF format.
9) PROBLEM SET 1. PDF format.
10) An extra tutorial on Contour Integration in the Complex Plane. PDF format.
11) Propagators, Greens Functions and Scattering. PDF format.
12) Examples of Scattering Processes: Coulomb Scattering (Well we get the Mott Cross Section). PDF format.
13) Electron-proton scattering, first order, spinor algebra, phase space calculations done, no explicit angular distributions PDF format.
14) Higher order corrections to electron-proton scattering, first loop. PDF format.
15) PROBLEM SET 2. PDF format.
16) Free photons, setting up Compton scattering. PDF format.
17) Moller (electron-electron) Scattering Differential cross-section calculation in the ultra-relativistic limit. PDF format.
18) Treatment of positrons, electron-positron to muon anti-muon, and Bhabha scattering from Moller Scattering (using crossing symmetry). PDF format.
9) PROBLEM SET 3. PDF format.
9) Review. PDF format.




Here are some newer (2006) pictures of my adorable nephew, Mir Suleiman Khan, with his mom (my sister) and his grandparents (my parents)

1). Picture 1: Classic Mir Smile !
2). Picture 2: Kissed on the cheek
3). Picture 3: Thinking of what to do next !
4). Picture 4: : Trying to intimidate the photographer !
5). Picture 6: : Mir takes a piucture of me !
6). And one old picture of Mir Suleiman at 1 year and 4 months of age. Dressed up for Eid !! (End of Ramazan): All dressed up !
Here are some recent (2006) pictures of nephew, Sami, son of my first cousin, Sara and her hsuband Luc. So Mir Suleiman has another cousin !

1). Sara shows her baby to my father !
2). Sami being passed on by Sara to Ayesha, with my father present.
3). Sami, Sara with my parents.
4). Sami, my parents and myself on the sofa.
5). Sami carried by my sister

Here are some old (2003) pictures of nephew, Faiz Jawaid Azfar, son of my first cousin, Asad and his wife Shameen. So Mir Suleiman has a cousin his age !

1). Contemplating the camera.
2). With his mother, Shameen.
3). Asleep.


1). Kayaking the Chicago River with Jill, Kelly, Samir, Alice Lara and Nisreen Kayaking on the Chicago River
2). I recently visted one of my best friends Sumiter Broca, and his family in Rome, here are some pictures (November 10th-12 2007) here are pictures that I took Sumiter,Inderbir,Binvant and Manjot
3). I recieved a Moose for my Birthday, the ensuing enthusiasm led my colleagues and I to give vent to artistic expression on this topic. Le Moose !!!!!
4). More on the moose: first moose pic with Matt Leslie and the second moose pic with Matt Leslie
5). My good friend Georg Viehhauser and Eva Sommers got married July 12th 2005, here are pictures I took of Salzburg, Wels and Attersee, during this spectacular and heart-warming affair Wedding
6). My good friend Andrea Erdas's notes on Quantum Field theory: PDF format.
7). Here is the web-page of my friend Todd Huffman: Todd's Page
8). Here is the web-page of my friend Ankush Mitra: Ankush's Page
9). Here is a picture of my friends Jonas and Charlotte, and a roasting lamb : Jonas, Charlotte and lamb and another one of Jonas with the lamb Jonas and lamb and Jonas carving a Turkey whilst Sinead and Lucio look on: Jonas carving a Turkey and finally Simon just a wee bit peckish: Simon at lunch !



1). I am an avid practitioner of TaeKwonDo, a Korean martial art, here is a link to my school when I am in America: Dojang.
2). More on the TaeKwonDo theme, here is a link to videos (playable on your PC) of ALL TaeKwonDo (WTF and ITF!!!) and TangSooDo forms, credit to Master McHenry McHenry's forms link.
3). I lift weights on and off, and recently read that most excercises neglect the strongest muscles in the body (abdominal, and thighs: the deadlift is a very good excercise, but keep your back straight ! Deadlift.