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    Third year

    B4: 'Subatomic physics'

    Problems HT 2015

    Lecture notes
    Full set of all notes and problem sets
    (Single pdf file, including syllabus annotated with section numbers)

      Individual sections
    1. Introduction
    2. Nuclear structure and decays
    3. Quarks and hadrons
    4. Scattering
    5. Feynman diagrams
    6. The Standard Model
    7. Reactors, energy and stars
    8. Accelerators and detectors
    9. Examples
    10. Syllabus
    Updated 14 January 2015
    Other resources


    First year

    Mechanics & relativity

  • Kibble & Berkshire
  • Relativity videos
  • Second year

    Quantum mechanics

  • Follow for Prof. Binney's book
  • Thomas precession paper
  • Atomic orbitals - html Mathematica.nb
  • Atomic Spectra database (by NIST).

    Third year

    B1:II Relativity

    Extras on rapidity and Thomas precession.

    Fourth year

    Particle physics major option - supersymmetry lecture

    A first look at SUSY: PDF of the slides.


    Understanding dark matter with the Large Hadron Collider

  • Measuring masses (if the WIMP mass can be determined): hep-ph/9906349, 0708.1028, 0711.4008
  • Getting a handle on the WIMP mass: 0709.2740
  • General introduction to why we expect to see something new like this at the LHC: hep-ph/9709356

    How well is the ATLAS tracker working?

  • How the detector is calibrated: note
  • Data-taking logbook
  • Merton College Library