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My Schedule this Term for LMH and Physics
(2022/2023 academic year)

Graduate Public Speaking Course

The New Course format is that students will find a topic from a "recent" paper which is not on their experiment.
Multiple requests for the same topic go to the first person to claim it on the basis of e-mail time-stamp!
Note: ATLAS students cannot use CMS results! (a similar principle will apply to other groups)

Lecture Notes and Slides; 

Course Information
Last Updated (15/10/20)

Circuit Theory Lecture Materials (1st year and 2nd year; and the Bridging course)

My Own Research

Physics Papers and Public Notes

Searching for a particle 'X' that decays to two higgs bosons (HH). And then each higgs decays into two b-quarks (bbbb):
X → HH → bbbb

The Oxford announcement with a link to the ATLAS public release. Paper to come soon!

Using top quarks in jets to measure the efficiency and performance of ATLAS b-taggers -
Boosted decision Tree and a deep-learning network are studied (submitted to Journal): arXiv: 1907.05120 (Eur. Phys. J. C 79 (2019) 970)

A Neural Net’s eye view of the “Oxford Jump” Tagging b quarks without tracks using an Artificial Neural Network algorithm.

The "Oxford Jump" - A New B tagger for TeV-scale b-jets! J. Phys. G: Nucl. Part. Phys. 43 085001 (2016)
And a far less technical summary of the paper here (with pictures!).  also arXiv:1604.05036

Search for High Mass Strongly coupled states First ATLAS Results from LHC's Run II!!!

Detector Development Papers

TWEPP 2015 - On the ATLAS CMOS upgrade project

High Luminosity Upgrade Plans for ATLAS

Tests of Fibre-Opic systems for the Super-LHC

 http://iopscience.iop.org/1748-0221/8/12/P12002/pdf/1748-0221_8_12_P12002.pdf (TWEPP 2013)




(Versatile Link Feasibility Report)

http://iopscience.iop.org/1748-0221/7/01/C01047/ (TWEPP 2011)


http://iopscience.iop.org/1748-0221/6/01/C01088/ (TWEPP 2010


http://iopscience.iop.org/1748-0221/4/12/P12003/ (Versatile Link overview)
Versatile link public web site →

TWEPP09 Paper

A useful Wiki page for Oxford People wanting to work on ATLAS.

Results from August 2009 Run

Super LHC Fibre Radiation Paper published in JINST

The Versatile Link public area
where you can learn more about this aspect of the upgrade projects for the ATLAS and CMS detectors.

Further Lecture Slides (very old):

Introduction to the principles of operation of Single Wire Drift Chambers.

ElectroMagnetic Fields and Waves Lecture Materials
(Year 2 E&M Part A) 
← follow the link. (NOTE: After only one year of glory they kicked me out. But I'm going to leave this link up for those doing 2nd year EM just in case you want additional problem sets and some summary slides. You might find my notes on transmission lines useful if you can read my handwriting.)

4th Year Mphys Project Information (update 23/05/18 by B.T. H )

Introduction  with MUCH information for the MPHYS Projects. Here is the tarball you need to get started as well. <MphysProjUser.tar>
Software Overview of the framework used.
Part 1 on working with the CDF data set using interactive ROOT sessions.
First Steps with the analysis.

Next Steps with the analysis.

The Definitive reference for B mesons at CDF by Manfred Paulini (7.5 MB postscript file)

Tutorial on Using Physics Vector Objects (CLHEP tools) by Tracey Berry (Pratt)

(Link to the PowerPoint File)

This Material is not current - 23/05/2018
Part 2 on MphysEvent - what an "event" is in the CDF data set.
MphysTrack -  contains the list of most useful things in a "track".
MphysMuon - contains the list of most useful things in a "muon", it inherits from "track".
MphysElectron - contains the list of most useful things in an "electron", it inherits from "track".

NP10 - "The Search for the B Meson" -

Undergraduate Nuclear Physics Lab Script

Introduction to the search for B mesons

Part 1: How to work with the data.        
Also More reference information on the ROOT home page.

Part 2: Finding the J/psi by using a ROOT Tree

Part 3: The Hunt for the charged B meson

Oxford Physics Course:

      Everything important about the course is in:

The Lecture Course Database.

Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics (2nd year and Theory Option in particular)

  Quantum Bayesianism 

4th Year Particle Physics Option

The Last Lectures of the Particle Physics Option
Lecture N:  The Discovery of the Top Quark (PowerPoint)
Lecture N+1: The Top Quark Mass  (Powerpoint

, htm format the fonts do not work in all browsers for this one, sorry)
Lecture N:  The Discovery of the Top Quark Lecture Notes   (MS-word 97)
Lecture N+2:  Beyond the Standard Model  (PowerPoint, htm format)



The Quark Model of bound Hadronic States and Vicarious Excursions into Group Theory
(I no longer do these lectures, but those of you taking the course are welcome to look at these slides nonetheless.)

Lecture Notes: htm format

Lecture 1 (PowerPoint) (PDF)
Lecture 2 (PowerPoint) (PDF)

These lectures do not have the complete sets of slides and notes that I show. 

The full first two lectures are contained within this *.pdf file. (17MB)

Lecture 3 (htm PDF)
Lecture Notes (
htm format

) - might not work well with Netscape Browsers



Old lectures But they still have some good information, 
                                                        ...so I'll keep them around for a while.

Lecture 4 (PowerPoint: Part A  Part B)
Lecture 5 (PowerPoint)
Lecture 6 (PowerPoint)   ....but because they are old they aren't in *.pdf format.

CDF Trigger Lecture (htm slide show) Warning! Slide Show could run slow!
Another Warning! This might not work on Netscape Browsers!





Rare B decay Reach paper. (September 2004; 2MB postscript file)

"Bottom and Charm Masses and Lifetimes at the Tevatron" - a talk for LaThuile 3 March 2004.




The Discovery of the Bc Meson
Find out about it (updated 19/08/99)

Friendlier discussion of Bc Meson




Now we have some less serious things

Updates of the U.K. Adventure


'The English Im-patient'

Description: Description: Description: http://www-pnp.physics.ox.ac.uk/~huffman/ToddBlueShirt20050629.jpg
This web cam (and youth) hides a world of ills.




(In order from recent to distant past)

 Doomsday 2012!!!

The Mash Tun: A Holiday in Scotland

A Bird in the Bush

Article for the Humboldt School Foundation Newsletter

A Pun, Because I like to see you Groan

Public Service Announcement - Getting a driver's license in the UK

Public Service Announcement - Ask Questions about VISA forms! (pre-09/11/2001, these days questions are not a good idea. Also, this is very old and I'm not sure they still ask the same questions.)