Exclusion information for arXiv:1605.09502

Alan Barr and Jesse Liu



This is not the work of, nor endorsed by, the ATLAS or CMS collaborations.


One CSV file containing models points for each LSP type are provided:

Download files: exclusion_info.tar.gz

If using this exclusion information, please cite A. Barr and J. Liu, arXiv:1605.09502.

See also the follow-up study based on this exclusion information A. Barr and J. Liu, arXiv:1608.05379.

These files list the pMSSM points considered for 13 TeV 3.2/fb sensitivity, comprising those that survived constraints from the ATLAS pMSSM19 Run 1 Summary study arXiv:1508.06608 and have long-lived gluinos, squarks and slepton scenarios removed.

Format of CSV files

The CSV format is


This corresponds to Model point ID, Most sensitive analyses, Other analyses used to exclude point.

Shorthand for analyses

The following shorthand is used for the analyses.

Shorthand Analysis Reference
26J ATLAS 0-lepton 2-6 jets arXiv:1605.03814
710J ATLAS 0-lepton 7-10 jets arXiv:1602.06194
1L ATLAS Strong 1-lepton arXiv:1605.04285
Multib ATLAS Multi b-jets arXiv:1605.09318
SS3L ATLAS Same-sign/3-lepton arXiv:1602.09058
MonoJ ATLAS Monojet arXiv:1604.07773

All analyses are based on 13 TeV LHC proton-proton collisions, using 3.2/fb of integrated luminosity.

Model point ID

The name of the SLHA files for the model points used in the study. All the SLHA files can be downloaded from the HepData link of the ATLAS pMSSM Run 1 Summary study arXiv:1508.06608. If using these SLHA files, additionally cite as instructed there.

Most sensitive analyses

The analyses with the lowest CLs value used to exclude the model point. This includes cases where two or more analyses have the lowest CLs value, which we display in a random order separated by a semicolon.

Other analyses used to exclude point

Other analyses whose CLs value was below 0.05 for the model point. Analyses separated by a semicolon and displayed in a random order.


CSV entry:


Explanation: The most sensitive analyses used to exclude model 01234 is 26J and the MonoJ (in no particular order). The Multib, 1L and analyses were also used to exclude this point (in no particular order).

CSV entry:


Explanation: Model 98765 is not excluded by the six considered analyses.

Last updated 19 August 2016.