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Alfons Weber University of Oxford, Physics Department STFC Pembroke College, Oxford

My name is Alfons Weber. I am the Rokos-Clarendon Professor in the particle physics sub-department at the University of Oxford and a senior research scientist at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. I am interested in the fundamental structure of the matter around us.

bullet How does it hold together?
bullet Why is the universe like it is?
bullet Why is there more matter than anti-matter?
bullet What is the Theory of Everything?
bullet What is the answer to the last question?

To understand these questions I have worked in different areas of particle physics and while I have found some answers (42), I haven't found all of them. This means I have to do more fun stuff to find out. Currently I am working on MINOS and the T2K Neutrino oscillation experiments.

There has recently been quite a bit of excitement about the OPERA experiment claiming that neutrinos might travel faster than the speed of light. I am working to improve the MINOS and T2K experiments so that they can make a competitive measurement of the neutrino time of flight over a baseline of several hundered kilometers.

I am also looking into future facilities that use neutrinos to study the fundamental structure of matter and started to investigate on how neutrino detector technologies can be used to safeguard nuclear facilities and detect nuclear materials at our borders.

Some of my publications can be found here.

STFC is funding most of the research in my area of physics. I am a member of the Science Board that provide the Science and Technology Facilities Council with a strategic scientific overview and assessment of, and science advice on, all of the programmes STFC supports.

My Experiments and Research

bullet UA1 at the CERN SppS
bullet The L3 experiment at LEP
bullet MINOS/NuMI at FNAL
bullet T2K
bullet MARS Detector Development
bullet Laguna-LBNO


I am teaching at the University of Oxford. Some of my lectures you can find below

bullet Introduction to the Weak Interaction (html, PowerPoint)
bullet Electromagnetism for Particle Detectors (pdf, PowerPoint)
bullet How to build a Neutrino Experiment (html, PowerPoint)

I am also the Rokos-Clarendon Fellow in Physics at Pembroke College. I am teaching students studying "Physics" (and in future "Physics and Philosophy") to get their BSc or MPhys. Some teaching material can be found here.

My Contact Details

Dr Alfons Weber
DWB, Keble Rd.
University of Oxford
United Kingdom
Tel:  +44 (1865) 2-73315
FAX: +44 (1865) 2-73418
Dr Alfons Weber
R 1, 2.93
STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Chilton, Didcot
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (1235) 44-5092

You can email me at Alfons.Weber at

My Private Links

I do have a private life and sometimes I even find time to sail, ski or kite.

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