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Graduate studies

In your first year as a graduate student you will have both taught courses and research projects. Typically you will spend about one or two years of their DPhil time based at CERN. You will work together with physicists from Oxford and other around the world on the operation of the ATLAS detector and analysis of its data.

Oxford DPhil students are renowned for making a big impact at CERN, performing world-leading research and gaining the respect of the international physics community. Recent high-profile contributions from graduate students include:

  • Defining the online event selection needed for dark matter discovery
  • Calibrating detector's response to hadronic jets
  • Characterizing the performance of the silicon detector
  • Searching for dark matter and Higgs bosons

    See the Oxford Supersymmety Group for more information about group members.

    More general information can be found on the Oxford ATLAS experiment's web pages, and from the theory pages.

    To find out how to join the group as a graduate student see the application pages

  • The ATLAS experiment